District 9NE Leadership

District Governor Doug Boelman

9NE DG DOUG BOELMAN joined the Cedar Valley Evening Lions in
December 2009. He served as KidSight Chairman for three years, President for three years, District 9NE KidSight Co-Chairman, then Second Vice-District Governor, First Vice District Governor, and now District Govornor for 2019-2020. He has received the Warren Coleman Award. He was born and raised on a farm west of Shell Rock Iowa. He and Karen have been married since 1965 and have one daughter, two sons, nine grandchildren with three married spouses. He worked as a mechanical engineer ten years and various sales jobs for forty-five years retiring in 2011. He enjoys all spectator sports, yard work, and woodworking. He is a lifetime member of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, a Jaycee Senator and a Dale Carnegie graduate. On June 8, 2015, he had major spinal surgery and spent nine months in various forms of rebab before he could walk unassisted. Consequently he enjoys being an encourager and doing community service.

District Governor 9NE: Doug Boelman –

1st Vice District Governor District 9NE: Richard Congdon

2nd Vice District Governor District 9NE: 

Cabinet Secretary District 9NE:

Cabinet Treasurer District 9NE: Curtis Brown

Region 1 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Dennis Litterer

Region 1 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Craig Spilde

Region 1 Zone 3 Co-Chair District 9NE: Robert Jacob

Region 1 Zone 3 Co-Chair District 9NE: Robert Schroeder

Region 2 Zone 1 C0-Chair District 9NE: Phil Kahler

Region 2 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Kathryn Patton

Region 2 Zone 3 C0-Chair District 9NE: Donna Harms

Region 2 Zone 3 C0-Chair District 9NE: Amy Peyton

Region 3 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Chris Waring

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: DG Gene Noonan

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE:

Region 3 Zone 3 Chair District 9NE: Judy Schlesselman

Alert Chair: Karolyn Sorge

Cabinet Advisor: Stephen Becker

Constitution and ByLaws: Harold Freeman

Convention Co-Chair: Lynn Kloft

Convention Co-Chair: Nornam Granback

Diabetes Awareness Chair: Michele Malone RN

Environmental Chair: Marianna King

Global Leadership Coordinator: Stephen Becker

Global Membership Coordinator: Frank Swanson

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Ed Ottesen

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Jack Schlesselman

Information Technology Chair: Ed Shaeffer

Iowa KidSight Co-Chair: Diane Hoffman

Iowa KidSight Co-Chair: Douglas Boelman

LCIF Coordinator: Julie Zimmer

Leader Dog Chair: Don King

Leader Dog Chair: Curtis Brown

Nominating Committee Chair: Oliver Troupe

LEO Club Chair: Marilyn Freeman

Peace Poster Chair: Janice Eldred

Youth Exchange Chair: Phil Kahler