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Our mission is to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Clubs.

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Objectives & Ethics

To create understanding… To promote… To take an active interest… To unite… To provide… To encourage…

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Find out who makes up the District 9NW Cabinet for the recent year and also which positions are still open.

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Gain quick access to various clubs that are found in our district, other district links as well as links to other resources.

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Stay up-to-date with District 9NW’s latest articles containing information on recent events, news and updates.

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The forms on this page have been uploaded and are available for your use along with the state website link to access more. 

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District 9NE Leadership

District Governor Doug Welton

District Governor 9NE: Doug Welton –

1st Vice District Governor District 9NE: Doug Welton –

2nd Vice District Governor District 9NE: Doug Boelman –

Cabinet Secretary District 9NE: Richard Congdon

Cabinet Treasurer District 9NE: Curtis Brown

Region 1 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Dennis Litterer

Region 1 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Craig Spilde

Region 1 Zone 3 Co-Chair District 9NE: Robert Jacob

Region 1 Zone 3 Co-Chair District 9NE: Robert Schroeder

Region 2 Zone 1 C0-Chair District 9NE: Phil Kahler

Region 2 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Kathryn Patton

Region 2 Zone 3 C0-Chair District 9NE: Donna Harms

Region 2 Zone 3 C0-Chair District 9NE: Amy Peyton

Region 3 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Chris Waring

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: DG Gene Noonan

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE:

Region 3 Zone 3 Chair District 9NE: Judy Schlesselman

Alert Chair: Karolyn Sorge

Cabinet Advisor: Stephen Becker

Constitution and ByLaws: Harold Freeman

Convention Co-Chair: Lynn Kloft

Convention Co-Chair: Nornam Granback

Diabetes Awareness Chair: Michele Malone RN

Environmental Chair: Marianna King

Global Leadership Coordinator: Stephen Becker

Global Membership Coordinator: Frank Swanson

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Ed Ottesen

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Jack Schlesselman

Information Technology Chair: Ed Shaeffer

Iowa KidSight Co-Chair: Diane Hoffman

Iowa KidSight Co-Chair: Douglas Boelman

LCIF Coordinator: Julie Zimmer

Leader Dog Chair: Don King

Leader Dog Chair: Curtis Brown

Nominating Committee Chair: Oliver Troupe

LEO Club Chair: Marilyn Freeman

Peace Poster Chair: Janice Eldred

Youth Exchange Chair: Ed Shaeffer