District 9NE Leadership

District Governor Richard Congdon

District Governor Richard Congdon (GAT). I Joined the Cedar Falls Lions club in 1966. I grew up in a Lions club household where my father was the club secretary for 34 years. I followed him in that capacity and I remain the current club secretary. I have served the Cedar Falls Club as treasurer for 14 years before becoming the secretary. I have served on most of our club’s committees and chaired many.  I helped reorganize our club’s management structure that allowed our club to grow from 67 members to 123 and growing. In 2019 I designed and organized a building team to create the Cedar Falls Diabetes Learning Garden. I remain the Garden’s System Manager. I have served the district as an Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee, District secretary for 3 years, 2nd VDG and as its 1VDG. I hold a bachelors and Masters degree in Leadership from Lions University. I am a graduate of GPLLI. I have attended 2 USA/Canada forums. I am a Servant Leader,  Melvin Jones fellow and a Warren Coleman Fellow. I hold 4 LCI Presidential awards.

District Governor 9NE: Richard Congdon,

1st Vice District Governor District 9NE: Stephen Becker

2nd Vice District Governor District 9NE: Dale Schrad

Cabinet Secretary District 9NE: Edward Ottesen

Cabinet Treasurer District 9NE: Dr. Fred Abraham

Region 1 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Dennis Litterer

Region 1 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE:Robert Jacob

Region 2 Zone 1 C0-Chair District 9NE: Lyndee Gage

Region 2 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Lynn Kloft

Region 2 Zone 3 Chair District 9NE: Doug Melcher

Region 3 Zone 1 Chair District 9NE: Bruce Piehl

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair District 9NE: Dale Schrad

Region 3 Zone 3 Chair District 9NE: Randy Scheel

Region 3 Zone 4 Chair District 9NE: Jack Schlesselman

Alert Chair: Bruce Piehl

Care & Share Chair: Doug Welton

Constitution and ByLaws: Doug Welton

Convention Chair: Anita Mars

Diabetes Awareness Chair: Michele Malone RN

Environmental Chair: Vacant

Global Action Team Coordinator: Doug Boelman

Global Leadership Coordinator: Stephen Becker

Global Membership Coordinator: Doug Welton

Global Service Coordinator: Ed Ottesen

Honorary Cabinet Member: Michael Farmer

Information Technology Chair: Ed Shaeffer

Iowa KidSight Chair: Diane Hoffman

Iowa KidSight Chair: Janet Wissler

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Mark Miller

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Dennis Litterer

LCIF Coordinator: Michael Farmer

LCIF Coordinator: Julie Jones

Leader Dog Chair: Sandra Lingard

LEO Club Chair: Diane Lamphier

Membership Chair: Doug Welton

Nominations Chair: Paul Scherner

PDG Representative: Janet Wissler

Peace Poster Chair: Virginia Robinson

Pin Trading Chair: Duane Eldred

Public Relations Chair: James Hennessey

Veterans Chair: Vacant

Youth Exchange Chair: Phil Kahler